Rustic Luxury

26 Jul

Have you ever had a friend that likes exactly the type of things that you like?  That’s the way my friend, Christiana, is.  We are completely cut from the same cloth and I haven’t found many ways in which our interests diverge.  Case in point, the “rough luxe” look.  Christiana mentioned a house she’d been to in Dublin (much like this one featured a couple of years ago in Martha Stewart living).  Christiana’s friends left the weathered and worn paint on their walls  in their Georgian Dublin home to give it a rough and rustic feel.

After seeing the first photos of my dilapidated new house project, the first email I got from Christiana was about the walls! (Walls which I love so much that I dragged my friend’s band in to take photos).  If the sound-proofing and re-plastering don’t get in the way, I really hope I can leave at least a feature wall “rustic” in the same way the owners in this house have done.  I just love the look.  here’s one of the shots of the band at the house with my rustic walls as the backdrop. Check out their music on MySpace at:


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  1. Christiana Childers August 18, 2010 at 4:15 pm #


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