One of my favorite libraries

10 Sep

Here comes that word again: yum.  When I first saw this library I thought, “someday, I’ll have a house big enough to have a dedicated library”.  I don’t think that day will come anytime soon but in the meantime, I can enjoy a little library lust just by looking at this room.  Three things I love about it:  1)  Color 2)  Intimate and Small 3) Open with Scale. 

With floor to ceiling books, the room quickly can become very small and intimate (which I think is a very nice thing for a library) but the homeowners have done a great job of creating balance by putting a rooflight above the library to soak the room in light. And the blue shelving and matching blue chandelier is a stroke of genius to my mind.  It takes what could be a boring and staid library and makes it funky and modern.  Nice.


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