Maine Cottage

15 Sep

I can’t remember the name of the movie but I remember watching this great ’50s film on TV when I was kid; the movie was set in a beautiful lodge on a lake in Maine — which seemed very exotic to me growing up in Texas.  I don’t think the movie was all that — but I can still remember the features of the beautiful lodge in the movie:  big stone fireplaces, open ceilings with wood beams, wicker furniture and panelled walls.  I think the movie was actually in black and white but in my head,  I added all the touches of color.

Maine Cottage furniture is a bit like transporting oneself into that movie.  I was first introduced to Maine Cottage when I was doing some work with Boston-based furniture retailer, Circle Furniture, back in 2002.  Circle carry their line and I can see why they were attracted to it — the furniture and fabrics ooze charm.  Maine Cottage’s signature is a broad palette of brightly painted furniture — whether wood or wicker.  As I was recently re-discovering their brand, I found some great images on their blog of their Charleston Show House.  I thought this dining room is a great example of, once again, how a little bit of color in a simple room can really bring it to life.  

If you’re not already familiar with Maine Cottage, you’ll love perusing their website.  I always meant to get up to their headquarters in Yarmouth, Maine when I was living in New England and I never made it.  Wonder if they ship overseas?


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