Wallpaper obsessions

16 Sep

Back in the late ’90s, one of my marketing clients was a consortium of wallpaper manufacturers who had come together to help bring wallpaper back into home design favor.  I was always a closet wallpaper fan but in working with the Wallpaper Council, I quickly learned that wallpaper had come a long way from the dowdy looking stuff a lot of us probably remember from our grandmother’s home growing up. 

It’s fair to say that wallpaper has not only come back into favor but has made a tremendous comeback in the design world.  I’d love to say this was due, in large part, to our agency’s efforts but that might be a bit of an overstatement.  Whatever the reason, I’m simply happy to see that there continues to be a lot of innovation in wallpaper design. 

Why do I love wallpaper? I think it’s a great wall to give your walls “art” and visual interest.  To me, the best wallpapers are those that you could look at for years and almost discover something new each time you look at it. 

Molly has a slightly different version of this beautiful Venetian-looking circus wallpaper up the stairs in her Boston condo — complemented by the matching fabric — both from Scalamandre.  http://www.scalamandre.com/

And I was prompted to write today’s blog entry when I saw this amazing wallpaper on Design*Sponge — love it.  I mean really love it — might just have to throw up a wall somewhere just to have an excuse to use it. Talk about a wallpaper one could stare at for days…    http://www.paperboywallpaper.co.uk/wallpaper.html

And one more cool wallpaper to highlight — perhaps this doesn’t fall into the “stare at it for days” category but I really like Scalamandre’s zebra wallpaper which was featured in the movie  The Royal Tenenbaums at Gino’s restaurant on the East Side in NYC.  I’m always referring to statement pieces — I guess you could say this is a whole wall making a statement.


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