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Random Halloween bonus post

31 Oct

Since it’s Halloween, it only seems right to share this poster…cracks me up every time I see it.  I think Kirstinwould especially like this one…Happy Halloween, all!

Happy Halloween!

31 Oct

In honor of Halloween, I thought I would post a few images that remind me of some of my favorite Autumn sights.  While I’ve often written about the fact that I really love Ireland, I can’t tell you how much I miss New England at this time of year.  I think I’m particularly fond of a New England autumn because I grew up in Texas.  It would have started to get a bit cooler around this time of year in Dallas but nothing like the cool, crisp, dry days in Boston. 

And there’s just something really magical about that baked, late Autumn sun…as a photography enthusiast, you literally want to just eat it up and get as many snaps as you can while the light is in your favor.

Sadly, I won’t be in New England this Autumn…but I am thinking fondly of all my friends and the fun times I had there.  Happy Halloween, all!

Outta’ sight office

30 Oct

Check it out — isn’t this the coolest?  Partially subterranean, this office in Spain is a hip little abode for the graphic designers who work there.

I fantasize from time-to-time about having a proper office at home.  I know that, in order to stay motivated, I would need to get up, get dressed and physically leave the house each day but I really like the idea of walking to the back of the garden to my office and greeting my colleagues there each morning. (I never was one for a long commute!).

And doesn’t it help to make it look all-the-more appealing that it’s so streamlined and tidy.  Serious office envy on many fronts.

Dumpster diving

29 Oct

If dumpster diving were an Olympic sport, I’d win a gold medal.  I can’t tell you the number of finds I’ve uncovered in the past — some of which are still around! 

So, I can’t tell you how pleased I was to receive an email from my sister, Rebecca, today with pics of this chair that she found in a dumpster and resuscitated.  She did a great job of freshening it up!

While I haven’t done quite as much “skip” (as it’s called here in Ireland) diving since moving here, I did find a pair of chairs for Christiana before she moved back to Seattle which she subsequently transformed.  I better start cruisin’ for dumpsters so that I can furnish Tilly’s Cottage eventually!

Space-saving dining

28 Oct

It’s tough being an apartment dweller when it comes time to entertaining.  Anyone who’s ever lived in Boston, New York, Dublin or London knows this well (unless, of course, you’re stinkin’ rich, in which case, you might not know this…).  

Here are two, oh-so-clever designs that I think could be the saving grace for anyone living in a compact space yearning for a place to entertain.  I have written before about having dreams where I suddenly discover a room that I never knew existed in my house — and usually that room is a dining room!  If only I could cook…

Morrocan-inspired painted wall

27 Oct

Pardon the quality of this photo.  I’ve been trawling through a file of photos I had taken on my old blackberry…

This photo was taken at Odessa restaurant in Dublin.  A gang of gals were there three years ago for Jessica’s “hen” and while I was in very fun and entertaining company, I was distracted by the wall!  That same year, I had been out to Marrakech with my friend, Kristin, and I was so inspired by all the color and the different approaches to design that one would see in the markets throughout the city.  Lots of lush jewel tones and a pretty extensive use of tiles prevailed.

Stealing a page from the Moroccan-design book, Odessa boasted this colorful, hand-painted wall.  I thought it was great and I love that it’s not perfectly symmetrical — as if they weren’t trying to fool you that it was tiled.  And if you’re interested, they do a great brunch…

A perfect pane

26 Oct

This absolutely stunning doorway is courtesy of Jill Brinson design.  This takes my breath away — it’s as if each of those little panes captures a piece of the picture that is the garden beyond.  Lovely.

The coup de grâce is the shelf above the door bringing the white milk-glass vases into this picture perfect scene. Imagine cozying up to a warm scone, piping hot cup of coffee and your favorite magazine in this kitchen. 

To see more of Jill Brinson’s design approach, just clikc on the House Beautiful article in the link below.

“Soft” rooms

25 Oct

Today, I wanted to feature a couple of rooms which, in my mind, can only be described as “soft”.  Just looking at this room makes me want to stop, sit down and exhale. Ah, now that’s better. It’s nice and open and the colors are very soothing.  The room’s not trying to pretend to be something it’s not — it’s special without being overly so.

This shabby chic living room falls in the same category for me.  Young Miss Tilly would never let me get away with the white slip-covered sofa, sadly…but I think she’d really love those powder blue cushions on the sofa and she’d be circling the kids table on the right in the hope of dropping crumbs. 

Let’s hear it for soft rooms!

So many uses for paint chips

24 Oct

I always seem to have a lot of paint chips lying around and I saw an article one day about using paint chips to color code storage boxes so I immediately ran out to get more so that I could do just that. 

I’ve been collecting other pics with fun uses for paint chips which I thought I’d share here — so many clever ideas to steal.  If you have any of your own, send them on!

Lora’s Cottage Before and After

23 Oct

Christiana’s good friend, Lora, is living my life (or at least the one I want).  She recently renovated this little cottage and I love all the little touches she’s used in the house.  You can immediately tell from the outside that the inside will have a lot of class and style.  And I’m amazed what a big difference the mullioned windows make to the change of the look of the house.  It goes from common to craftsman instantly. And she made a rake of beautiful internal changes but I was especially impressed that she didn’t really change anything structurally — just brought out the beauty of what was already there.  A perfect example:  the wood-burning stove below.