Beach beauties

4 Oct

It was about this time last year that I went to Kerry with Clodagh, Liz and Molly and stayed at a little cabin on the beach in Ballinskelligs.  It’s a really remote and beautiful part of Kerry and I loved it.

I spent a lot of time taking pics of treasures found on the beach.  I thought I’d share a couple of those pics and another from Keem Beach on Achill Island.

I am constantly amazed at the color and texture that you find in nature. I remember one of the designers on Trading Spaces used to always take her color cues from combinations found in nature and I thought it was interesting that they would normally be colors I would put together but I think, because of the fact that you do seem them naturally together, they can work better together than a palette that’s more contrived.

In this picture of the “trees” on the beach in Kerry, the seaweed was literally pulled down the beach by the waves making a spectacular pattern in the sand.  But it’s not just the pattern that’s great — look at the mix of colors, gray, blues and tans.  Imagine a living room or bedroom from this combination – I think it would be really soothing…


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