Found space…

4 Oct

So, it’s not the extra room that I always discover in my house at night as I dream but I did get some good news the other day from the surveyor which is that my backyard at Tilly’s Cottage is about five feet longer than I thought. 

The original sketch of the extension (bright blue lines superimposed on the actual, surveyed drawings) was created based on a house two-doors down which I bid on but ultimately, did not get. Luckily for me, the property line at the rear of this row of houses is cut an angle and my house happens to be at the widest point..So, voila!  Five extra feet for Tilly!

The difference that this five feet makes in my life is a) a better shot at getting planning permission on my first go as there’s more space at the back of the extension for flow of water from the flat roof b) a slightly bigger kitchen by 500cm means a pull-out waste bin  c) a slightly bigger en suite bathroom with the potential for not just a shower but a bathtub as well d) a bigger master suite e) a little space in the back of the house for a little dog-house and private place for Tilly… 

In a tiny house, every little bit helps!


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