Emma Bridgewater

13 Oct

I thought I’d continue the topic of ceramics to mention one of my favorite ceramic brands, Emma Bridgewater.  Simple and humorous but not cheap…

Christiana and I often say “Same, Same” to one another because we have such identical taste (to the point that it’s a bit scary).  I guess it shouldn’t have surprised me when I first met her that she and I both had Emma Bridgewater “Black Toast” pieces in our homes.  And thanks to Christiana, I now have a few more that have been added to my collection.

My friend, Kristin, has an Emma Bridgewater shop on the corner of her street in Marylebone — lucky girl.  I try to pop-in to the shop when I get over to London to visit her and I love seeing all the fun new lines.   This is a great example why I love this brand — she “gets me”.  I mean, seriously, who doesn’t LOVE a cup of tea, a new magazine and a bit of chocolate? (Make mine dark with a hint of orange, please…) http://www.emmabridgewater.co.uk/


2 Responses to “Emma Bridgewater”

  1. Jamie October 13, 2010 at 8:26 pm #

    Yesterday I spotted a new Nicholas Mosse design in the window of Kilkenny Shop. Have already told Harris that I want a piece for Christmas! I’m a big Nicky fan and have lots. Also not cheap, but I love the mix and match aspect.

    • amyswear October 19, 2010 at 2:32 pm #

      Love Nicholas Mosse and love your collection. I must do a feature on his schtuff. Why must we covet all this stuff that’s so expensive? :-)

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