An annual wedding affair

14 Dec

My good friends, Kalle and Jess, have a “mixed” marriage  – he’s half Irish, half Swedish and she’s American :-)  This can complicate things like a wedding.  K&J came up with a great solution which was to get married in her home state of North Carolina with just the immediate family present and then have a big, blow-out bash the next year in Ireland in order to give everyone in the US and Sweden enough notice to plan their trip. 

Their second annual wedding was such a blast that they decided to do it again year three (and it’s become an annual tradition)!  It was a simple “ceremony” held down at the beach in Dublin.  For a bit of fun and whimsy, the guests were required to wear their most creative thrift-store finds and we weren’t allowed to spend over 20 euro.

We had such a laugh over the get-ups that people wore but even more funny was Gus officiating with the assistance of his brother, Sean.  It was one of my favorite days so I thought I’d share some photos from a day that will always hold a special memory for me.


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