The Art of Fluffing – Part 1

18 Jan

The following images were scanned from a feature article in Oprah Home a few years ago called “The Art of Fluffing”.  The basic premise of the article was how to put the furniture and accessories you already have to better use by improved arrangements and a bit of paint.

I thought it would be fun to feature the “evolution” of this particular New York apartment — starting with the kitchen.  Tomorrow, I’ll feature the living room.

In the first phase of fluffing, the designers brought in a table from the living room and move the butcher block cart to the back of the room so that it may be rolled out when needed.  They also added another piece of artwork into the kitchen which helps connect the items on th back wall.



In the second phase, they simply cleaned up the color palette with a shade of gray on the wall and unifying the furniture in white (and switched out the artwork to this cheesy wolf painting which I don’t get but we’ll skip that part…)


In the final round, cheesy wolves have been banished from the room and replaced by a nice, functional open shelving unit.  They also improved the pendant light fixture.  It’s great to see how they did so much basically re-using what the owner already had in the apartment.


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