The Art of Fluffing – Part 2

19 Jan

Okay, so this is part 2 of a post started yesterday so apologies for repeating myself if you read yesterday’s post.  These images were scanned from an article in Oprah Home magazine a few years ago and the article was called “The Art of Fluffing”. So here are some stages of improvements made to this New York apartment simply by re-using existing furniture and accessories in a better way.

In the first phase of changes, the designers simply edited the furniture in the room a bit and swapped things around to give the room better flow.

The second round of changes include updating the window treatments (big difference in my humble opinion) and better placement of artwork and some paired light fixtures.

In the final round, chunkier furniture is swapped out for more open furniture that helps make the room feel more spacious, the room is given a new color of paint to complement those fabbo curtains and, the piece de resistance — a beautiful yellow rug gives the room a bit of umph. They also slipcovered the sofa white to clean up the overall palette. 

The final result is much more sophisticated and, although this article is already probably 3-4 years old, I don’t feel that the room has design-dated at all which is a good sign.

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