Before and getting there

23 Jan

I would love to be at a stage where I could share before-and-afters but since that’s probably months away, I thought I’d share before-and-getting-there photos.

The first is the fireplace before…a post-modern ’70s edition on the front of the fireplace adds a not-so-appealing touch — not to mention the fact that it takes up unnecessary space when you consider that the room is less than 12 ft. wide.  With a joint effort between my builder and myself, we pulled off the ’70s facade to reveal the original fireplace and hearth. It’s going to be pressure-washed to take off the layers of paint that have been added over the years but I’m already excited about the result which looks more inviting and has a lower profile — giving an extra foot of space that wasn’t there before.

While the scaffolding is up for the roof, I decided to go ahead and have the front of the house pressure washed to remove the paint.  Removing the paint was a “nice-to-have” line item on my already too tight budget so I was going to wait to do it until the very end but then I found out how much it would cost to bring the scaffolding back in and decided to just bite the bullet.  Michelle mentioned that, when she looked up the house on Google Earth, she noticed a tree growing out of the chimney.  Happily, the tree is gone, the chimney is clean and the brick all re-pointed…


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