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Cloud Keyholder

31 Mar


I just love this little magnetic cloud keyholder — not sure if my USB key ring would like it so much but I love the way the keys look like rain coming out of the cloud.  Adorable.

Morgans Hotel Group

30 Mar

I’ve always been impressed by the design of Morgans Hotel Group — very unique and original hotels around the world.  I’ve never actually stayed in one of these hotels but have been to a few of them in New York, Miami and London — just to see what the fuss was really all about. They live up to the hype – lovely hotels that are very design-centric.




I want to have this much fun when I’m in my 70s!

29 Mar

I had the good fortune of spending part of my weekend with a crew of gals who were in from Texas.  So here’s a little shout out to my visitors:  Mary, Patty, Pat and Nancy.  I had such a great time hanging out with them — they’re fun, enthusiastic, love to travel and were so sweet and loving to one another (but that didn’t keep them from some good-hearted poking fun at each other).





We had a night out at an authentic Italian restaurant in town followed by a day in Phoenix Park on Sunday.  We headed to Farmleigh House — the 78 acre estate which once was part of the Guinness family.  The original house was a small Georgian estate built in the late 18th century with later additions in the early 1900s.  While we didn’t make the tour, we were able to take a wander and see the grounds on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.


28 Mar

About eight hours after this post goes live there will be a howl of laughter in West Texas when my mother wakes up and reads this post. You see, I went through a really big owl phase — I loved them and their huge inquisitive eyes.  I just thought they were beautiful creatures and so I started collecting them for my bedroom.  Then, it seemed like every birthday and Christmas, all I was getting were owl-y things and so I swore off owls, packed them up in a box and either sold them at a yard sale or gave them away to Goodwill in favor of a new Laura Ashley-styled bedroom. But now I want them back. 

There are so many cute owl designs at them moment and it’s such a popular look — all my little owls would have fit in so well with this — what was I thinking?  I could have been the trendiest person in Dublin if I still had them…oh well.

If you’re looking to re-visit this design approach yourself, lots of great stuff available on Etsy.

Fabric wall stickers from Mae

27 Mar

These are very adorable and great way for changeable decor — or again, for an apartment (why didn’t I know about all these ideas all those years I was living in apartments??). Australian design company, Mae, brings us this original range of reusable fabric stickers.  They won’t damage your walls, they’re made from recycled materials wherever possible and they’re super cute.  They have a store on Etsy in US dollars or check out their site (prices posted are in Aussie Dollars).





Library in the woods

26 Mar

I’m fantasizing about the vacation home again — sometimes it’s on the beach, other times it’s in the woods but it always has a limitless build/renovation budget.  This place would suit me down to the ground — it’s called the Scholar’s Library and it’s a small, self-contained library and study in the middle of the woods.  The architects are Peter Gluck and Partners – so sweet.

I must really like this wallpaper

25 Mar

I thought it was funny that, as I was going through my vault of design ideas, I came across three images with the same wallpaper in them — and I know they weren’t just plucked from one visit to a website because they were saved with different dates and one was taken off my own camera…so, I figure I must really, really like this wallpaper.  It’s a nice and simple look.

It’s called “Cow Parsley” and it’s from Cole & Son.  If it looks familiar, it’s because I already did a post on it back in December: I think I prefer the yellow the best (as the photos probably also confirm). Available from Cole & Son:

A solid surface…bed?

24 Mar

I just think this is fascinating — imagine being given the assignment to carve a four-poster bed out of Corian…that’s what happened to the pair of LA-based designers who make up MachineHistories. I think the result is really stunning (albeit perhaps not so practical for my house). This is just one of the very unusual and creative projects they’ve worked on.

BrickBox Shelving Innovation

23 Mar

These stackable shelving units from Spanish design company, BrickBox, are very cool.  You determine the size and configuration to make a unit that best fits your space.


A wall of work

22 Mar

This past weekend’s work might not bowl you over but it was a lot of work getting lots of layers of wallpaper and paint off a paneled wall in the small front bedroom of the cottage.  Jessica came in to give me a hand (in her very cool purple velour hoodie)  and we worked away listening to the Dixie Chicks and loudly singing along.  The windows were open so I am sure I have now confirmed for the neighbors that I’m a complete loon.

I didn’t take a full “before” pic but since it’s not really done yet, I don’t really have a proper “after” pic either — I’m fallin’ down on the job.  Just trust me when I say lots of layers of paint and wallpaper.  The picture of the “heart” is just taken off my phone — I want to go back and get a snap with the proper camera but this was seriously a random scrap of wallpaper that was remaining on one of the walls and it just happens to be in the shape of a heart.  Love it.