Salterbridge House & Garden

6 Apr

So I went to visit my friend, Jamie, down in Cork over the weekend (a post about Jamie’s renovations to come – watch this space) and she took me out to a place called Salterbridge House on Sunday — which happened to be Mother’s Day here in Ireland so they were having a garden tour.  Salterbridge is an 18th century Georgian mansion located in Cappoquin, Co. Waterford (just outside Lismore) and it’s a gorgeous spot. The garden which surrounds the house is filled with tons of gorgeous trees — I just couldn’t stop myself from taking picture after picture of them. 

The house is hard to see from the road but from the house and gardens, you have a view of the Blackwater river valley.  I read that the house was built on the site of what used to be Fitzgerald Castle.

Jamie and I met the owner who was greeting guests at the gate and we wondered how he and his family could ever manage the five acres of gardens at the house because it would be no small task. 

What a great way to jump into Spring by visiting this spot:


2 Responses to “Salterbridge House & Garden”

  1. Lori April 6, 2011 at 3:37 pm #

    These photographs are amazing! I love the crisp blue of the sky against the bright green landscape. Simply gorgeous, Amy!

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