Happy birthday, Harry

19 Apr

Today is the 2nd birthday of great little boy named Harry whom I had the pleasure of photographing when he was just a few days old.

I didn’t have any experience with shooting infants this young before I went in but I really wanted to get some good shots as Harry’s parents are good friends of mine. 

One thing I’ve learned from being a part of the flickr community is that other photography enthusiasts are really helpful.  In just searching the boards on flickr, I picked up lots of great tips — a couple of which were lifesavers.  One great tip I learned is to get them while they’re young — a few days old, ideally, as they are still pretty lethargic and you can move them around and manipulate poses a bit more. Another great tip was to take a little fan heater so that I could get some nudie shots of Harry without him being too cold or uncomfortable.  If have found that it’s helpful to print out some samples of angles or shots that I like and a shot list.  When I’m in the moment, I find it’s easy to forget some of the shots I want / need to take so it’s good just to have a checklist to go through. 

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