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Awkward on Etsy

30 Jun

Found this cute little one-man shop on Etsy called Awkward which designs and sells clothing and accessories – mostly handknits.  I thought these little wool jellyfish were just adorable and a great accessory for a nursery or playroom.


Space-saving firewood holder

29 Jun

I saw this the other day and I thought that if the “Rocking-2-gether” chair doesn’t work out for me and Tilly that I could use her space to store firewood instead (except for the fact that I’m getting a gas fireplace).

The design is from AK47 — a great outdoor seating solution that does double-duty. It can also be used to store books or magazines or whatever items you decide need a clever solution like this one.

Cafe Vaudeville, Belfast

28 Jun

If you’re traveling to Northern Ireland anytime soon and happen to be stopping in to Belfast, a great bar and restaurant to check out is Cafe Vaudeville.  It’s like stepping into Paris for the afternoon.  I especially liked the art nouveau design…

Home libraries

27 Jun

I worked at a bookstore throughout high school and I’ve been known to be a bit of a book nerd.  So it probably stands to reason that I’m really attracted to libraries as featured in previous posts such as the Library in the Woods and the blue library that was from “the vault”.  And so today…more libraries!!  Another one for the vacation home I may never have but will constantly aspire to! (And a quick birthday note – happy birthday Linda Loo Hoo and Jamie)

An interesting arrangement

26 Jun

I always like seeing how different people arrange art on a wall — I tend to be so traditional and linear about it and I think I need to break out of my box.   This appeals to my linear side as, ultimately, all the frames are arranged in a large rectangle but it’s probably not an arrangement I would have come up with myself.  I love the way the frames take up the entire wall and are “connected” visually to the bench below. And of course, I love the paneling and I’m forever attracted to blue these days…

Driftwood Design

25 Jun

I’ve been seeing a ton of driftwood in interior design lately − I’m not sure when it came into vogue but it’s definitely high on the style charts these days.  I will definitely be eye-ing up driftwood differently the next time I come across it on a beach. 

My sister, Brandee, is celebrating a birthday today (Happy birthday, Brandee!) and she has both a lot of seaside-inspired items in her house and a lot of hearts so I’m guessing the driftwood heart is right up her street.

The last pic is one of my own from Britta’s Bay in County Wicklow, Ireland.  A beautiful spot.


Ex-pats rejoice!

24 Jun

Okay, maybe my post title is a bit of an over-statement but I’m happy to report that Pottery Barn and its affiliate stores (Pottery Barn Kids and PBTeen) now offer international shipping — yay!  If you’re living in the States, this might not be such a big deal but we’re somewhat limited in choice here in Ireland so I’m excited to at least have more options! 

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the bigger furniture items are included in what they’ll ship internationally but I’ll take what I can get.  Just a few bits of eye candy of things I’m liking from various PB sites. 

Plasterboard really does make a difference

24 Jun

I mentioned on Tuesday that the skylights were in and the light in the space was vastly improved.  Well, the plasterboard is now also up and it really does make a huge difference.  The pics don’t do it justice because the room is full of building material but I thought I would share this shot that I took this evening after work and since the sun was shining — a second shot of the beautiful blue sky!  (It’s going to be hard to wash dishes when I’m always looking up!)

Chalkboard paint

23 Jun

I really like seeing all the ways in which people use chalkboard paint.  I featured a dining room which I really liked in a previous post.  I thought these two were also clever.  One is simply the wall to the pantry with a sliding door.  The other are a corkboard sliding wall and a chalkboard wall to conceal the electrical panel.  

Dun Laoghaire Harbour

22 Jun

Young Miss Tilly and I went out over the weekend for a “run” (which means half jog / half walk in my world) on the pier by the house where we’re staying near Dun Laoghaire (the second word being the Irish spelling of “Leary”).  It was a pretty stormy weekend so there weren’t a lot of windows of dry spells to get out in but we managed to hit it at just the right time.  Not only was it pleasantly cool and dry but it was also that late summer evening sun that makes everything look like it was baked in the oven until piping hot.

These were just a couple of photos from my phone so you can only imagine how beautiful it was in person − I love the threatening looking dark clouds rolling in from the Irish sea.