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Princeville resort

10 Jun

A digression today:  I’ve been thinking a lot about holiday spots these days — must mean I’m due for a break! Molly is visiting one of my favorite spots this week – Kauai.  To say I’m envious is putting it mildly.  She’s going to spend a few days in one of my favorite spots on the island – the Princeville Resort. This place is seriously magical and it had one of the best breakfast buffets I’ve ever had in my life — so much so that I think I probably gained 5 lbs. just looking at it.

Some of my nearest and dearest know the funny story about the privacy screen feature in the bathroom and shower room — let’s just say that it didn’t offer as much privacy as I naively thought it did.  Anyhow…it’s a great spot for an indulgent break if you’re off to the Hawaiian islands.