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Creative uses of old doors

12 Jun

I have a serious dumpster diving reputation and I’ve found some great finds over the years. (As a by the by, I think the term in Ireland is “skip surfing” since they don’t call it a dumpster but I’ve done it here, too!)  I’ve also  had the help from friends along the way in my dumpster diving endeavors.  My friend, Wendy, whose birthday I missed noting on Friday (sorry Wendy!!!), used to live in the very posh Boston neighborhood of the Back Bay. When I was living in Boston, we were going to meet up for a walk and she told me that she’d seen a very cool little dresser in the back alleyway.  We checked it out and it was very cute but seriously unloved. It found its way to my house and I stripped it, re-painted and stained it, added new hardware and used it for years before I moved away from Boston the first time and sold it for $75.

I know Wendy would appreciate this dining room photo knowing me.  I’m sure if I happened to be walking by old doors like this (fat chance of that happening unless you live in France) that I would snatch them up.  Belated happy birthday, Wendy!