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Holly Hobbie

15 Jun

Okay, get ready for a little bit of a ramble.  My mother made this really great little pinafore-styled top for me as a kid and then she embroidered a classic Holly Hobbie image on it (the profile of the little girl in the bonnet).  Her embroidery was beautiful and even though I wore this top much longer than I should have…I eventually grew out of it.  Sometime later, at my request, she made it into a pillow.  When I get a chance to go digging through my things in the basement of Boston, I’ll dig it out and post a photo.  But in the meantime, I’m just going to keep reminiscing.

Holly Hobbie later wrote a series of books called Toot & Puddle.  I spent a few month’s living with my sister and when her son, Tristan, was little, I used to love reading this book to him.    The book is about Toot, who loves to travel, and his friend Puddle, who prefers the comforts of home.  The book follows both Toot and Puddle through a year of their friendship, together and apart.