Making the most of a formal dining room

9 Jul

My friend, Jenny, is celebrating a birthday today and so I wanted to do a post on a clever solution that Jenny and her husband, Jeff, came up with for their formal dining room.

They have a nice big house in Houston, Texas, that I have yet to see in person (boo hoo) – but I hope to someday!  Anyway, they reasoned that, while it was great to have a formal dining room for Thanksgiving and Christmas, it’s a room that is often underutilized the rest of the year.

Both Jenny and Jeff have nice big families so having a entertaining-friendly home is a must.  Their solution for their dining room was to get a combination dining room table / pool table (these pics aren’t of their table but there are plenty available on the web).  So for casual get-togethers, they can use the room as a pool hall.  Or convert it to a dining room for a formal sit-down dinner. 

They also installed shoulder-height wainscoting around the room with a small ledge as an easy spot to set down a pint glass when it’s time to take your time at the pool table.


One Response to “Making the most of a formal dining room”

  1. Becky July 9, 2011 at 4:13 pm #

    Love that idea! Happy Birthday, Jenny!

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