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Lime Green and white

31 Aug

I’m liking the fresh combination these days of lime green and white.  I’m surprised, actually, how much white I’m ending up using in Tilly’s Cottage. I have never been much for white rooms in the past but I think, because the space is small, I’ve tended to go down that route.  But the great thing about using white is that it provides the perfect backdrop for splashes of bold color – which I intend to use!   Case in point is this white sitting room which doesn’t feel boring at all because it’s been paired with all the yummy lime greens.  I love that it’s a bit shabby chic but also tailored at the same time – not an easy balance to strike.


Picture Rails

30 Aug

This was the photo (another from the vault) which inspired me to put in a picture rail in the house in Boston.  I just think it’s so sweet and it’s also such a nice way to change up your wall artwork when it’s a simple as mixing up what hangs from the hook.

Sourdough Christmas Ornaments

29 Aug
When I was out in Colorado this summer, my mother came prepared with a family craft project:  she had pre-prepared some sourdough Christmas ornaments ready for the clan to paint.  About eight of us spent a leisurely afternoon at the dining room table painting and decorating snowflake ornaments.  It was simple and fun.  See the recipe below to try out making your own (and by the way, use whatever cookie cutter you like and these don’t just have to be for Christmas — they also make great gift trinkets).
4 c. all purpose flour
1 c. salt
1 1/2 c. water
Tempera, acrylic paint or paint pens
String or ribbon
Clear acrylic or varnish
Do not eat the ornament.Mix all ingredients in large bowl with your hands. Roll into a smooth ball. Roll dough 1/4″ thick with rolling pin on waxed paper. If sticky, sprinkle more flour on wax paper. If sticky, sprinkle more flour on wax paper, cut out shapes with cookie cutters or table knife. Use a pencil to make a hole for a string to go through. Bake 4 to 5 minutes in microwave on high. Do one at a time. The time needed and the size/thickness can be changed for different projects. When cooled they can be painted with tempera or acrylic paint or you can use standard craft pens. Then spray with clear acrylic paint (or varnish) to seal out moisture. Store in cool, dry place when not being used.

Some great life lessons

28 Aug

I’ve written before about typographic posters which continue to be a very hot trend.  There’s a lot of them out there which double as learning tools as well – like the typographic maps mentioned in a previous post.  This particular typographic poster offers a bit of learning as well, but this time in life lessons.  It’s called Family Rules and it’s from the Etsy Shop “ILoveItAll”.   I have a sneaky suspicion my mother might have written this one – especially the “hug often” part.

Kindle Heat Lamps

27 Aug

I know that heat lamps aren’t supposed to be the most environmentally friendly items but if you ever want to spend time outside in cooler climates like Ireland, they’re pretty much a necessity.  That’s why I was so attracted to the heat lamps from Kindle Living.   I love that they’re not only functional but also beautiful. And, unlike normal heat lamps, they provide both heat and light.  They also boast being easy to assemble.

Rustic cabinet

26 Aug

More shabby chic today with this distressed blue cabinet.   I love it in combination with the fresh-looking still-life of the lemons above and the little beach finds.   Great colors  — very warm, inviting and effortless looking.

Happiness is a warm puppy ~ Charles M. Schulz

25 Aug

My baby dog is three today.  She’s been one of my greatest rewards and a (nearly) constant source of enjoyment for me.  She’s also helped me become a little bit less of a perfectionist about my “stuff” — which I think is a very good thing.  Happy birthday, Tilly!

Quick and easy flower arrangements

24 Aug

If you’re looking for an easy way to include cut flower centrepieces on your table, a toothbrush holder does the trick – simply add water and a few stems in each opening. 

Blanket headboard

23 Aug

With all the quilts in our family, I’m surprised that we haven’t come up with this already.  A quilt or blanket rack makes the perfect visual headboard for this bed – and how easy and practical!  You don’t have to worry about your blanket falling off the end of the bed, you can show-off the beautiful handiwork of your quilt and if you get cold, comfort and warmth are within arm’s reach.

Swing Time

22 Aug

Oh the luxury of having room for a swing…and if I did, this is exactly the kind I’d love but I’d be impractical for Irish weather and cover the chains with fabric.  Another great DIY idea if you come across one of these old benches.