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Saturday flitting, short sitting

11 Aug

My neighbors in the new hood have all warned me not to move in on a Saturday. There’s an old superstition in Ireland “Saturday flitting, short sitting” which means you won’t be there long if you move in on a Saturday.  I was looking it up online and it says that there are two origins:  somebody who disappears from a rented property typically does it over the weekend, while the landlord is busy, so they don’t have to pay the rent. An equivalent of a midnight flit. The second belief is that hospitals are keen to get people out on a Saturday to make space for the coming week, so if you were discharged on a Saturday, you were more likely to be re-admitted.

Now, ya see, I have a little problem in that I work Monday through Friday…so it’s going to be a little difficult avoiding Saturday altogether… Then I heard about another complication – apparently, it’s is an old West of Ireland tradition to move in on a Friday.  I read on an online board that when some people in the West find out that they can’t move in on a given Friday, they will wait a week  before they spend the night there — even if they have the keys.  Oh, keeping up with all this is tricky – and the good news is that moving day is around the corner.