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Big honkin’ fridge

12 Aug

My dear American friends, please take no offense when I tell you that we “yanks” can be pretty annoying when we come over here to Ireland and laugh at how small everything is!  I’m guilty of doing it myself but I’ve learned to appreciate how Europeans economize on space more than we do in the U.S. with one notable exception… refrigerators

I lived in an apartment for over five years that had a very tiny oven, no pantries and, what I would have considered to be a very small fridge before I moved to Ireland.  But in fact, the fridge that I had in that last place was actually a good size for what one would typically see — particularly for a rented apartment.  The standard-sized apartment refrigerator is about the size of a standard dishwasher and it fits under counter.

So, while my Irish friends might not be entirely in favor of my decision, I got a B.H.F. (Big Honkin’ Fridge) for Tilly’s Cottage.  I may end up having to store my clothes, my books and other things in the fridge because it takes up such a large portion of the space but I’m really excited about it.  It just arrived yesterday and is still in the packaging but you can see the difference in size already!