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Whimsical trophy deer heads

30 Sep

My mother will be happy to know that I’m over any early childhood interest with taxidermy but I do find these Italian designed ornamental trophy heads really fun.

They are manufactured in Germany and arrive flatpacked so you can simply pop out the pieces from the MDF and follow the instructions to put it together. 

I think it’s fun that you could have a whole series of these little gems — would be a cute design in a series for a hall that’s a little less than a grand hall…

Available at Utility Design

An easy solution for balcony gardening

29 Sep

If you live in an apartment in the city, it can be a challenge to have a proper garden.  I thought this was a great solution: the Cavalier Pot is a cleverly designed flowerpot for your balcony railing. It is produced in France with 70% flax which makes it lightweight and  frost-resistant. 

The art of Michelle Curry Wright

28 Sep

Spotted at the Telluride cafe of The Butcher and Baker Cafe (sidenote: YUM) were these great little mixed media paintings from Michelle Curry Wright.  They work great alone or in a series (as they were displayed in TB&BC).  

How to create more storage for books

27 Sep

I am such a book nerd (yes, five years working part-time through high school and then college at Waldenbooks).  Luckily, I got into the habit of giving away books as soon as I read them a while ago (unless, of course, they are in hardcover and a favorite…).  But I still have a LOT of books.  There are at least three storage boxes full of books up in the attic at Tilly’s Cottage which haven’t made their way downstairs yet. 

I guess that’s why I was attracted to these above-the-door bookshelves.  While I’m guessing my feng shui followers (yes, Lori, that’s you!) will say you’re not supposed to store heavy objects over your head, I think it’s a clever solution (if well secured!!) for a small space.  Perhaps best for paperbacks…

Blik is it!

26 Sep

This is one of those things that, when I see it, I think “Why am I so late to the party? Does everyone know about this?”  So, if you are also late to the party, then I’m happy to introduce Blik to you.  

Blik touts itself as “the world’s first removable wall graphic company.”  The company is the brainchild of an architect and a food editor looking to solve the paint versus wallpaper conundrum.  The company make innovative self-adhesive, removable surface graphics in all shapes, sizes and styles. 

They’ve recently introduced a line of wall puzzles for kids were are moveable wall graphics.  Brilliant. 




Paper Accordion Lanterns

25 Sep

I love the look of the paper accordion lanterns I found on Etsy.   They’re such a cute and easy way to decorate any room but especially a nursery or a child’s room.  And of course, they’d be great for a special occasion.  

I thought I’d share some other photos of these simple lanterns in place for more inspiration.  You can buy the lanterns on from Martha Stewart Crafts.

Perfect crib for the modern baby

24 Sep

Here’s the perfect baby cot for the super hip and cool — Pod is a cocoon-shaped cot which looks like it could be right out of “The Jetsons”.  The clear acrylic sides of this nifty crib make checking on baby easy. And as your baby gets older, the bed transforms to a junior bed.  From Canadian-based

Some fun looks from Stacy Theberge Interior Design

23 Sep

My sister’s husband’s cousin’s wife (ha! – couldn’t resist) is an interior designer and my sister, Becky, recently shared  some of the fun looks Stacy has created.  Here are a just a few or you can see more on Stacy’s Facebook page.

I love the hand-embroidered kids handprints in the embroidery hoops.  And her green owl lamp is simply an old lamp that she gave a new lick of paint to as well as a new shade. 








Is your child a little angel?

22 Sep

Brazilian design studio, Furf, created this special stool for mothers who believe their children are little angels.

Home Tweet Home

21 Sep

What’s not to love about the simplicity of these birdhouses that you assemble yourself from Tweet Tweet Home? They are made from recycled plastic.

The birdhouses are the brainchild of graphic and industrial designer, Greg Sargent, and are available at specialty retailers, museums, zoos, and aquariums.