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My favorite home fabric shops

24 Nov

I love fabric — especially fabric for home interiors.  One of my favorite New England-based spots is Zimman’s in Lynn, Massachusetts.  So…the location isn’t so great but the fabrics are to die for and they also have some interesting furniture for sale on the upper levels of the store as well.

Another favorite spot is one that Molly introduced me to — Les Tissus du Chien Vert (the green dog) in Brussels. Before Molly lived in Brussels, I wasn’t aware that it’s, in essence, the fabric capital of Europe.  This shop and its sister Les Puces du Chien (the dog’s fleas) are just magical.  The environment is beautiful and boy, do they ever have a lot of fabric to choose from!

Dumpster diving

29 Oct

If dumpster diving were an Olympic sport, I’d win a gold medal.  I can’t tell you the number of finds I’ve uncovered in the past — some of which are still around! 

So, I can’t tell you how pleased I was to receive an email from my sister, Rebecca, today with pics of this chair that she found in a dumpster and resuscitated.  She did a great job of freshening it up!

While I haven’t done quite as much “skip” (as it’s called here in Ireland) diving since moving here, I did find a pair of chairs for Christiana before she moved back to Seattle which she subsequently transformed.  I better start cruisin’ for dumpsters so that I can furnish Tilly’s Cottage eventually!

Pop of color

24 Aug

There are lots of signature looks in this image — from the wardrobe with its uniquely designed doors, to the upholstered wingback chair, to the empty frames on the wall.  I think the thing that brings it all together, however, is the bright blue wall.  If it were a muted color, it wouldn’t have nearly the impact. I’m not sure if I’m quite brave enough to use a color like this but I love the way it pulls this room of unique items together to create an even more unique look.

Dublin Free Trade

22 Aug

I’m too far away from moving in to take full advantage of this but anyone living in Dublin looking for furniture should take advantage of Dublin Waste Management’s free website for free goods. They recently set up a separate site:

 I’m always popping in and out of the site to see what’s available.  I just took a look today and saw this settee.  Might not look like much at the moment but imagine it re-upholstered in some funky IKEA fabric with legs painted white.  The shape and size of it are so cool that I think it would be a little gem.  If I were taking on this project, I think I’d do the tufted buttons on the back in a bright accent color just to really bring out the features of the piece.