Perfect crib for the modern baby

24 Sep

Here’s the perfect baby cot for the super hip and cool — Pod is a cocoon-shaped cot which looks like it could be right out of “The Jetsons”.  The clear acrylic sides of this nifty crib make checking on baby easy. And as your baby gets older, the bed transforms to a junior bed.  From Canadian-based


Some fun looks from Stacy Theberge Interior Design

23 Sep

My sister’s husband’s cousin’s wife (ha! – couldn’t resist) is an interior designer and my sister, Becky, recently shared  some of the fun looks Stacy has created.  Here are a just a few or you can see more on Stacy’s Facebook page.

I love the hand-embroidered kids handprints in the embroidery hoops.  And her green owl lamp is simply an old lamp that she gave a new lick of paint to as well as a new shade. 








Is your child a little angel?

22 Sep

Brazilian design studio, Furf, created this special stool for mothers who believe their children are little angels.

Home Tweet Home

21 Sep

What’s not to love about the simplicity of these birdhouses that you assemble yourself from Tweet Tweet Home? They are made from recycled plastic.

The birdhouses are the brainchild of graphic and industrial designer, Greg Sargent, and are available at specialty retailers, museums, zoos, and aquariums.

Artist Emma Cowlam

20 Sep

There is something about the style of artist and illustrator, Emma Cowlam, that I find really beautiful.  Maybe it’s that her approach is very fluid.  At any rate, it’s cool. 

Tracy Porter Design

19 Sep

Designer and author, Tracy Porter, does some really great stuff.  Check out her blog for more inspiration.  I recently came across her tableware and it reminded me a lot of the Boho Dining series that I liked from Anthropologie.

Yup, she’s whimsical, too — you’d never believe that I wear black nearly every day with the color and textures I like in home design and accessories. 

Thinking Christmas

18 Sep

When I was out with my family over the summer, my mother brought some old craft magazines with her — many of them had some great ideas so I’ll do some posts on them over the next few weeks.  Personally, while I don’t like to see the Christmas decorations go up in the shops too early, I don’t think it’s ever too early to start thinking about Christmas.

I know I always find myself behind at Christmas time  — over scheduled and stressed out! So it’s kind of nice to get ahead of the game with card making, decorations and picking up the odd gift now and again.  Otherwise, it seems like my efforts are a lot less thoughtful if I’m rushed and doing everything in December.

So, with that idea in mind, I thought this little Christmas tree craft made from felt and buttons was adorable and would be a great replacement for a framed picture in an entryway for the month of December. Easy peasy to make and sure won’t you look clever and organized when you pop it up on the wall on December 1st.

Hooray for Ouray

17 Sep

I’m still catching up on things that I saw or did over my summer vacation that I wanted to share on the blog.  One of the places where I went with my friends, the Childers, was Ouray (pronounced “you-ray”).  These are not great pics — just some quick ones taken with my phone but I wanted to share them because it was such a beautiful, blue-skied day and it’s like a little town still lost in 1849.  

We spent a couple of hours at the Hot Springs Pool and we “filled in the cracks” after lunch at Mouse’s Chocolates where I had the most delicious chai tea milkshake and a chocolate truffle (or two).

There was a cute little rusted Stop Sign hung in the “loo” at the restaurant where we had lunch. I just had to snap a quick shot.

Five Green Boxes

16 Sep

I saw so many inspiring things over the summer that it may take me forever to write about them all.  I do trend tracking as part of may day-to-day job and I always tell people that one of the most important elements to recognizing trends is to TRAVEL.  The web is great but there’s nothing like getting out and about to get inspired. 

So, enough of the preamble…Five Green Boxes is my new favorite shop.  Kathy, Mom and Meghan seemed to enjoy it as well.  Such a cute little spot (and a nice little gelato and cake cafe across the road.  Lots of eye candy in this shop (actually, they have two shops — one that is homewares focused and the other, clothing and accessories focused).  This place is so fun and eclectic — the furniture they make is all one-of-a-kind and very whimsical. They describe their upholstery style as being like fabric wedding cakes and I think you can see why from these photos.  Love, love, love.  

Creative Herb Gardening

15 Sep

Okay, last post from Electric Picnic but I thought this little garden was adorable.  I’m not entirely positive but I think the objective was to promote the GIY movement.  At any rate, it was cute and made me want to go find an old wheel barrel or maybe a kids’ bed to load up with herbs.