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Great online shop for baby stuff

3 Apr

I’m probably very behind on this but I just discovered this great website for baby gifts and nursery items called Fawn & Forest.  http://www.fawnandforest.com/ There are so so so many cute baby decor and gift ideas on this site.  I think it will be my go-to site for future baby gifts.  Lots of great stuff and all very design-y — like modern nursery furniture and a very trendy dollhouse with floor to ceiling windows and LED lights – how cool.


A festive love nook for Valentine’s Day

4 Feb

From the vault, I had clipped this photo years ago because I thought it would be a fun way to dress up a room for a party, baby shower or any festive occasion.  Ironically, even though I had forgotten about it for years, my sister, Rebecca, used this very approach of paper Mexican flowers at her wedding in 2006.  I thought the paper flower bunting, combined with the draped pink tulle made this rustic room look really soft and romantic and I love, love, love the little pink paper flames in the fireplace.

And if you’re not familiar with how to make these paper flowers, no worries – it’s easy enough for a child to do!  Case in point is this YouTube video I found of crafts for kids with a young one making a Mexican paper flower.  Check it out:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aK6QBG6IhX0