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Scraps of Fabric and Fabric Yo-Yos

12 Jul

I’ve always thought little fabric yo-yos are so cute and I bought a little yo-yo maker a few years ago and I have never done anything with it. I also got tons of fabric samples for free from one of the interior design shops in Dun Laoghaire and so I’ve also been looking for something fun to do with them.  Upholstery fabric isn’t great for yo-yos but I found these bits of inspiration online for other bits and pieces I have lying around.  I love the ragged bunting as well — I’ll definitely be keeping my fabric scraps from my next project. 

Let’s hear it for bunting

15 May

Whether inside or out, as a permanent feature or just a way to seasonally spice things up, bunting can create a lot of visual appeal.

I used to always hang red, white and blue bunting from the upstairs deck at the house in Boston every 4th July. I thought it suited the house and the neighborhood so well and it’s fun to be patriotic.  

Here’s a little bunting eye candy to inspire.

A festive love nook for Valentine’s Day

4 Feb

From the vault, I had clipped this photo years ago because I thought it would be a fun way to dress up a room for a party, baby shower or any festive occasion.  Ironically, even though I had forgotten about it for years, my sister, Rebecca, used this very approach of paper Mexican flowers at her wedding in 2006.  I thought the paper flower bunting, combined with the draped pink tulle made this rustic room look really soft and romantic and I love, love, love the little pink paper flames in the fireplace.

And if you’re not familiar with how to make these paper flowers, no worries – it’s easy enough for a child to do!  Case in point is this YouTube video I found of crafts for kids with a young one making a Mexican paper flower.  Check it out:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aK6QBG6IhX0

Letterpress Bunting

13 Dec

Here’s a fun little Christmas decor idea — some easy-to-make bunting using vintage images available  from Hello Handmade http://www.etsy.com/shop/hellohandmadepaperie

Last year, Molly and I made a similar bunting for Jessica’s baby shower. We scanned a swatch of the striped fabric that Jess was using for the nursery and then added a letter in Photoshop to each flag saying “Great Expectations” (which we thought was oh so clever given that Jessica and I became friends through the bookclub). It turned out very cute but sadly, I didn’t take a picture of it.  But bunting and papercraft are such a fun and easy way to spiff up the house for Christmas.