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How to generate ideas wherever you are

2 Sep

I really like the look of blackboard paint in the home but it does have some impractical aspects — one of which is that, for a small home like Tilly’s Cottage, it is pretty dark.  Molly sent me this resource (which is not, unfortunately, available in Ireland) for IdeaPaint which is whiteboard paint that you can use a dry erase marker with.  I think it’s a no-brainer for the office where we really make use of brainstorming tools but I think it could also be fun and decorative for the home.  Thanks for the tip, Molly!



Chalkboard paint

23 Jun

I really like seeing all the ways in which people use chalkboard paint.  I featured a dining room which I really liked in a previous post.  I thought these two were also clever.  One is simply the wall to the pantry with a sliding door.  The other are a corkboard sliding wall and a chalkboard wall to conceal the electrical panel.  

Chalkboard painted dining room

20 Nov

I’ve seen tons of very cool walls (mostly in kitchens) which are painted with black chalkboard paint.  I really like the look although I did see an episode of George Clark’s Home Show where he painted one wall in the kitchen with chalkboard paint and when they went back in one-year on, the family weren’t digging it at all. 

So I was thinking to myself that if I painted a wall with chalkboard paint, would I actually use it and write notes on it?  The answer is probably not… In fact, I think it sounds a bit messy to keep up.

I guess that’s why this room appealed to me so much.  I think it adds a bit of drama with the chalkboard paint around the picture rail.  I like that people aren’t likely to lean up against it, it’s not really meant to carry any specific messages and yet it can be easily changed.  In essence, it’s just become a design feature.  The owners of this place elected to write a poem on their chalkboard-painted wall.  This I like.  Thoughts?  Please weigh in!