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Wall stickers on Etsy

10 Oct

I saw these wall stickers on Etsy and thought they looked great.  At times, I think wall stickers look tacky (sorry!). I’m not big into the sayings on the walls and that sort of thing.  But I have seen a few lately that I think are pretty great.  Once again, a really great way to inexpensively decorate an apartment or dorm room without damaging the walls.  Also great for the nursery where you want to add something whimsical but want some flexibility once your child starts to get older.

For these particular wall stickers, I was thinking they would be great in a small entry alcove.  I could easily see these surrounding a wall-mounted coat hook and it could be a nice look in a small space.

Folding screens

6 Oct

Given my love for patchwork, it’s no surprise that I was drawn to Dawn’s DIY screen featured on Design*Sponge.  Screens are such a clever way to hide a home office or add a bit of your own look and personality to a rented apartment or college dorm room. 

Who says that folding screens are just for indoors?  I think this screen to the left is a beautiful example of how a folding screen can create a stunning backdrop for any area of your home. 

This mondrian-looking screen helps to make the space in this loft look less cavernous and a bit more intimate.  A nice feature for open-plan living — particularly if you want something you can just use from time-to-time (for example, a place for sofa-sleeper guests to hide their belongings).

Cloth Napkin Curtains

30 Sep

Another one of the articles that I’ve had hanging around forever…  I thought this was such a clever idea that I actually used it on my friend, Kirstin’s apartment about 10 years ago.  Since September is the month of Kirstin’s wedding to Kevin, I thought it would be apropos as today’s post. 

The idea is to simply sew cloth napkins together to make a bed cover and, even simpler, when stapled to a 2×4 board cut to window length, make a custom window treatment.  While this might not be the lavish look you want for your home, I think it’s perfect for rented accommodation and college students.  And it’s oh so easy to do.  Thanks Kirstin for letting me try out a little cheap chic on your apartment all those years ago and best wishes to you and Kevin!