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Re-purposing your pics

15 Jan

If you’re looking for a clever way to feature some of your favorite photos in your home, here a some clever tips courtesy of Molly who sent these along to me picked up from a magazine which was written in German so I’ll do my best to describe the photos!

The first photo is a simple idea to keep those bathroom towels in order — each knob features a different photo.

Just adding handles to a standard photo frame creates an instant serving tray – a very simple twist on a Martha Stewart idea I’ve seen.

Or an IKEA belt / scarf organizer can double as a photo display — I think this is a great solution for a dorm room.

And finally, my favorite is this simple poster with hand-sketched frames — super simple and yet easy to change out photos. Thanks for passing on the great ideas, Molly!

Homemade pillows

5 Nov

Thought I’d post some, unfortunately, out-of-focus photos of some past projects.  A few years ago, I was helping my sister, Becky, decorate her apartment.  We were both on a pretty limited budget so these modern country bandana pillows were an easy fix.  She wanted a lot of color in her place and, as a c&w singer, she’s always had a bit of the ole’ country flair.  The bandanas were less than $1 each and I think we re-used the pillow forms so it was an easy fix.  I also made the red bolster pillow behind the bandana pillows to go with my yellow sofa you see here.

 This sham was another one of the projects I did — it’s SO easy and also very inexpensive.  It’s simple a king-sized pillow case folded over.  I added the over-sized rick-rack and the buttons so that the sham may be removed and washed.  We also “quilted” together a bunch of red bandanas and used them to cover a large piece of wood that we fashioned into a headboard.  I don’t have a picture of that project but it was a fun design-on-a-dime project!  All quick-and-easy ideas for an apartment or dorm room.

Two inexpensive artwork tips

21 Oct

Have you ever been stuck on a tight budget in need of something to throw up on the walls for a bit of pizzazz?  Here are two ideas I think are well worth considering…

First, think frames — you can get cheap and interesting frames at just about any yard sale, estate sale or auction and, when spray painted the same color, can make a really interesting piece or collection on the wall.  In this instance, used to frame a little eye candy — but sometimes, an empty frame on its own does the trick.

Second, think fabric —  you’ve probably seen this quite a bit if you’re an IKEA devotee  but if you take a look at images across the web, you’ll find lots of imaginative ways to showcase your favorite fabric or a coordinating fabric with your room.  One of the more unusual approaches  is to use a needlework round as your frame — this is so simple — it requires no special skill or framing expense and, perhaps best of all, the fabric can be changed on a whim or seasonally if you want to change up your look.