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Creative Herb Gardening

15 Sep

Okay, last post from Electric Picnic but I thought this little garden was adorable.  I’m not entirely positive but I think the objective was to promote the GIY movement.  At any rate, it was cute and made me want to go find an old wheel barrel or maybe a kids’ bed to load up with herbs. 

Get your kicks at age 66

14 Sep

Clodagh turned 66 on Sunday which is partly why her four daughters, son-in-law and I headed out to Electric Picnic — her idea, by the way — and a great idea, just not one you’d expect from a 66-year-old.  But Clodagh’s not your average 66-year-old.  She’s pretty hip and has more energy than most people 20 years younger.  Good on ya’, Clodagh.

Here are a couple of pics of Clodagh and the gang on Clodagh’s birthday at “the picnic”. 

I love this kid

13 Sep

But seriously, how could you not?  This is Casper at Electric Picnic.  He’s such a good festival baby.  He’s been to quite a few (the family friendly ones) and he’s a natural.  







As mentioned before, he’s my housemate for a couple of months and he’s a good housemate, too – he loves my dog and says  “Niiiice” to her as he (somewhat) strokes her gently; he enjoys giving her the food he’s supposed to eat; he generously gives kisses and hugs before going “night night” — I could get used to this! 

Just thought I’d share a few photos of Casper from our day out at Electric Picnic. I love, love, love the fact that Casper and his cousin, Mia, were trying to takeover the stage during our friend, Erin Fornoff’s poetry reading at the Brownbread Mixtape performance.  Hilarious. 

Bunting at Electric Picnic

12 Sep

Bunting is just another one of those things that I always seem to feature and write about here — it’s just so cute, no?  Well, apparently, a lot of the folks behind Electric Picnic agree because many of the tents and stalls featured bunting.  The crushed can bunting is very clever.  Again, great inspiration for an outdoor party, event or wedding!  Here’s a few shots. 

The Wishing Tree at Electric Picnic

10 Sep

I was very taken with this “Wishing Tree” at Electric Picnic.  I was reading a bit online and this custom of adding wishes or coins to a tree has been around for centuries.  I’ve seen mentioned things like this before but I thought this one was particularly beautiful and had some funny, nice and sad sentiments — I guess that’s just a sign of the times.  I love the honesty of the wish that says, “I wish for lust not love.” Fair enough.

And my heart aches for the woman who wrote that she wishes for her “autistic grandchild Jude to speak soon.”

I think this Christmas, instead of a Christmas tree, I’d like to have a Wishing Tree…

The Design of Electric Picnic

8 Sep

I want to highlight some very fun and inspiring things I saw over the weekend at Electric Picnic.  Electric Picnic is Ireland’s version of Glastonbury — a weekend music and arts festival.  My friends have been trying to get me to go for years and now that I’ve gone, I can totally see why.  It’s right up my alley — very arty, very design-y, great music and some incredible food (I was really into the cakepops! Which will definitely be the subject of a future post!). 

I only went in for the day versus the entire weekend but I still managed to take 300 photos  — edited down to about 200 and now I need a few days here on the blog to share just a few.  There was so much eye candy between the scenery, the people and the stall and tent designs. 

My friend, Kalle, was performing in The Word venue with his increasingly popular spoken word, music and comedy show, The Brownbread Mixtape, so a lot of my gang were there making the day extra special. 

Sidenote – I kept thinking as I was walking around looking at all the designs that there were some great ideas for anyone planning a big outdoor party, wedding or even set design – I especially love the umbrellas and lightbulbs (as raindrops) hanging from the tree and also the old scalloped lampshades in clusters  – clever. 

The predominate design approach was to incorporate something ordinary in an unexpected way — whether that’s umbrellas and lampshades, printed circuit boards, beer cans or retired washers and dryers.