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The art of Michelle Curry Wright

28 Sep

Spotted at the Telluride cafe of The Butcher and Baker Cafe (sidenote: YUM) were these great little mixed media paintings from Michelle Curry Wright.  They work great alone or in a series (as they were displayed in TB&BC).  



20 Sep

Molly introduced me to a great place called Snow Farm — a craft program out in Western Massachusetts which holds weekend and week-long art programs. 

In 2008, a group of my friends and I met up at Snow Farm (http://www.snowfarm.org/) and we took a mix of classes — Molly opted for glass blowing, Kris and Christine took mosaics and Christiana joined me for the encaustic painting course. 

I had never heard of encaustics until I saw it on the course listing.  If you’re not familiar with it, it’s an ancient style of painting that involves using hot beeswax and pigments.  While I was hoping to do two paintings over the weekend, I think we both did about six or seven each — trying lots of different techniques each time.  The painting of the poppies above was one of my favorites (which is rare for me to ever like anything of my own creation).  It’s a combination of paper that I embedded in the wax and acrylic paint sticks that I rubbed into the wax. Here’s a shot of Christiana working on one of her paintings and another of a statue of an angel in the Public Garden in Boston that I made.