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An easy bathroom shelf solution

21 Jul

Here’s one that looks fairly simple and easy to do — add a shelf to the back of an old picture frame.  Use your best distressed paint technique and voilà − great shelf for the bathroom.  Also, a quick hello to my sister, Brandee, to wish her a very happy birthday.

Re-purposing your pics

15 Jan

If you’re looking for a clever way to feature some of your favorite photos in your home, here a some clever tips courtesy of Molly who sent these along to me picked up from a magazine which was written in German so I’ll do my best to describe the photos!

The first photo is a simple idea to keep those bathroom towels in order — each knob features a different photo.

Just adding handles to a standard photo frame creates an instant serving tray – a very simple twist on a Martha Stewart idea I’ve seen.

Or an IKEA belt / scarf organizer can double as a photo display — I think this is a great solution for a dorm room.

And finally, my favorite is this simple poster with hand-sketched frames — super simple and yet easy to change out photos. Thanks for passing on the great ideas, Molly!

Photo groupings as art

8 Jan

Because I love photography, I also love ways in which to show off photos without looking too “bitty”.  Here are two fun examples of showcasing your photos in groups that work well to create a single piece of “art”.  While the photos in these examples are a bit artsy fartsy, I think it would work as well with one’s everyday shots.  I like the solid colors mixed into the group in the first example.