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Adding an artist’s touch to IKEA furniture

6 Jul

+Fliffa is a service from Brooklyn-based artist, Kim Hennessey, whereby she will customize a piece of Ikea furniture to create a unique, one-of-a-kind piece based on your personal tastes.  After briefing the artist on what you’re looking for, she’ll purchase, embellish then ship the piece to you.  

For other ideas on customizing Ikea furniture, check out this earlier post.


18 Jun

Curbly is a great resource for you if you like to be a bit crafty now and again.  Lots of ideas on the site for taking everyday items and making them better– or for creating your own artwork our of inexpensive items.

To the left is more paintchip inspiration and below, an IKEA stool pimped up with crocheting. 

Re-purposing your pics

15 Jan

If you’re looking for a clever way to feature some of your favorite photos in your home, here a some clever tips courtesy of Molly who sent these along to me picked up from a magazine which was written in German so I’ll do my best to describe the photos!

The first photo is a simple idea to keep those bathroom towels in order — each knob features a different photo.

Just adding handles to a standard photo frame creates an instant serving tray – a very simple twist on a Martha Stewart idea I’ve seen.

Or an IKEA belt / scarf organizer can double as a photo display — I think this is a great solution for a dorm room.

And finally, my favorite is this simple poster with hand-sketched frames — super simple and yet easy to change out photos. Thanks for passing on the great ideas, Molly!

Customizing IKEA furniture

4 Dec

Ran across this company today, Mykea, who create panels that can be used to customize the look of your IKEA furniture.  You can choose from a selection of MYKEA designs or, use your own photographs / images to create your own look.


IKEA Accents

23 Aug

I saw an article in The Gloss the other day about a home in Dublin. They used a limited palette for their home — primarily black and whites and a few grays.  There were nice accents of color throughout. 

They seemed to have a lot of high-end and designer pieces in their home which is why I take my hat off to them for using this black-and-white IKEA rug in the main sitting room.  I think it works perfectly and is a great accent to the simple palette they use but I’m sure it must have been a temptation to go for a high-end, bespoke rug.  Once again proving that using IKEA pieces in your home (with a bit of restraint) doesn’t have to look cheap.

Dublin Free Trade

22 Aug

I’m too far away from moving in to take full advantage of this but anyone living in Dublin looking for furniture should take advantage of Dublin Waste Management’s free website for free goods. They recently set up a separate site:  www.freetradeireland.ie

 I’m always popping in and out of the site to see what’s available.  I just took a look today and saw this settee.  Might not look like much at the moment but imagine it re-upholstered in some funky IKEA fabric with legs painted white.  The shape and size of it are so cool that I think it would be a little gem.  If I were taking on this project, I think I’d do the tufted buttons on the back in a bright accent color just to really bring out the features of the piece.

Salvage finds

7 Aug

I will never bash IKEA. I love IKEA and I think it’s done so much to give everyone access to great design.  With that said, one of the worst things I could think of is a house full of furniture and decor  that could be lifted directly out of the IKEA catalog.  In fact, I think it’s probably one of the worst things that even the IKEA designers could imagine.

The best way to use IKEA furniture is to save money so that you can add your own personality and touches with other, perhaps slightly more expensive, accessories.  One of the greatest sources for unique looking things is the local salvage yard. While I’ve yet to find my local salvage yard here in Dubln, I have friends in Massachusetts who’ve found lots of great finds at their local “dump”.  I particularly like the idea of a real focal point piece like the clock in the image above.   This particular piece is from a website in the UK called Trainspotters which specializes in vintage transit pieces.  I’m not sure if I can afford it yet, but with the help of IKEA savings, I’m hoping I might be able to snatch up a piece or two:  http://www.trainspotters.uk.com/