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Umbrian pottery

1 May

We discovered this little pottery shop in the the town of Deruta (just outside Perugia) in Umbria on Easter Monday — not many places were open so we really lucked out — especially because, instead of ending up in one of the huge factories recommended by the tour books, we ended up at a boutique run by a family of artisans.  We even got to see the father (one of the artists) at work — it was so detailed — just amazing We purchased a platter as a “thank you” to the people whose villa we were using and I bought a large bowl.   

I love the Umbrian style of pottery and I really wanted to find out the history behind this dragon figure that appears in a lot of the designs but alas, I couldn’t find it.  The shop where we stopped is called Ceramiche Segoloni  — and I couldn’t recommend it more.  The family were lovely and the pieces were all very good value. Go visit!


30 Apr

I’m threading the needle between two trips – one to Umbria, Italy and the next to Budapest, Hungary and I’ve already taken way too many photos so it will probably take me a while before I get them up on the blog but I thought I’d throw up a few from Assisi — we didn’t have the most spectacular weather on the day we were there but it is an impressive spot!

Assisi was the birthplace of St. Francis, who founded the Franciscan religious order, and who, apparently, was the patron saint of animals and the sick.  We went to St. Francis’ tomb and we explored the narrow and hilly streets of the town.  More to come on Umbria in future posts once I sift through a bucketload of photos. 

Venetian design – part 4

16 Nov

Okay, so if you’re still here by day four reading about Venice, that’s a good sign… Today, I thought we’d take a look at the apartment our group rented at Ca’ Rezzonico — directly next door to the museum.  We were on the 2nd floor (or first floor to you Europeans!) and the ground floor had a lovely wooden gondola in the lobby. 

The apartment itself was simple in design.  Lovely, exposed wood beams in the ceiling and white slipcovered furniture.  Everything was simple, tasteful and yet, still pretty oppulent.  That probably sounds like a contradiction, but hopefully, after looking at the photos, you’ll know what I mean.

Venetian design – part 1

13 Nov

I’m freshly back from a trip to Venice with friends.  Such a fun week.  I took gobs of photos — so many that even I got sick of looking at them and I’m a photo-editing fiend!  I thought I’d share a few of the photos over the next few days so as not to overwhelm anyone. 

My first post is on “features”.  There are so many great little details everywhere you look in Venice.  The hardware on a door, the handrail on the stairs, the metalwork on a gate.  I love that they celebrate art and beauty even in the small things.

Happy circumstances

29 Sep

I was in Sestri Levante, Italy for the CREA 2010 conference when the Icelandic ash cloud interrupted air travel across Europe.

While it was a serious pain trying to get back to Dublin and I was pretty lonely being completely on my own for the days after the conference when I was trying to get home, the luckiest thing was that I had my camera with me.

Because of the size of my camera, I wouldn’t often take it with me on a business trip and this is a pretty busy conference with very little down time — another clear reason not to bring the camera.

But…for some reason I did.  So while I was making my way across Italy, France and then England to get back to Dublin, I managed to take a few snaps.  Here are some of the shots from that week.