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Paper Accordion Lanterns

25 Sep

I love the look of the paper accordion lanterns I found on Etsy.   They’re such a cute and easy way to decorate any room but especially a nursery or a child’s room.  And of course, they’d be great for a special occasion.  

I thought I’d share some other photos of these simple lanterns in place for more inspiration.  You can buy the lanterns on from Martha Stewart Crafts.

Is your child a little angel?

22 Sep

Brazilian design studio, Furf, created this special stool for mothers who believe their children are little angels.

Some great life lessons

28 Aug

I’ve written before about typographic posters which continue to be a very hot trend.  There’s a lot of them out there which double as learning tools as well – like the typographic maps mentioned in a previous post.  This particular typographic poster offers a bit of learning as well, but this time in life lessons.  It’s called Family Rules and it’s from the Etsy Shop “ILoveItAll”.   I have a sneaky suspicion my mother might have written this one – especially the “hug often” part.

A great resource for parents and moms-to-be

2 Jul

Babyccino Kids is an online shopping portal with toys, accessories, clothing – you name it – for kids.  They also have resources for new moms, expecting moms and city guides for families with a wanderlust. They’ve taken a selection of curated boutique kids’ shopped and rolled them up into Babyccino for a unique selection of goods.

They also have a blog with new product releases, some great tips and DIY projects for kids and book recommendations.