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Rachel Ashwell and Shabby Chic Design

20 Feb

If you’re into design, you’re probably well aware of Rachel Ashwell who, in essence, created the shabby chic design approach.  I haven’t visited her website in a while now but I decided to take a look at some of the photos to see how things have evolved since my last peek.  She’s still very monotone in approach would wouldn’t be as much my thing but I do love that her taste has a level of sophistication even with the approach being so rustic.

Love the open kitchen shelves below and I love those chunky and not-perfectly-pressed curtains in the bedroom.

Just a little bit of shabby chic eye candy for you today. http://www.shabbychic.com/

Roof lanterns

16 Feb

A “roof lantern” style skylight is planned for the kitchen in Tilly’s Cottage.  I’ve heard lots of different terms for these windows but whatever you call it, I think they’re great devices for flooding a room with natural light — particularly in my case where the site in long and narrow and there aren’t many options for windows.

A recurring theme to my posts has, unfortunately, been what I hope to include in the renovation versus what I can actually afford.  I really hope that this isn’t one of those items that has to be cut from the budget. I know I’ll spend a lot of time in my kitchen as it will likely double as an office from time-to-time.  And this is one feature of the extension that I’m most excited about.

While both of my magazine clippings show roof lanterns that are much bigger than my own will be (to accompany my teeny weensy kitchen), I hope that mine will be just as appealing. Can’t wait. 

Red, White & New

5 Feb

Another one from the old files…Advanced apologies to the magazine where this was taken from as I can’t figure out which one it was — probably Country Living.  I’m not sure I totally love it but it has a lot of elements I like and I think they’ve creatively used the wallpaper by putting it on the ceiling (but it makes the space feel a bit cramped for my taste).  This would work really well, however, in trying to cozy up a big space with high ceilings.

I love the screen door, the toile roman shade and I love a red and white kitchen — very country and very retro.

This appeals to my organized side…

17 Jan

Very few of us may ever be organized enough to take advantage of this kitchen design but it appeals to me, nonetheless.  Although I’m planning to go for open shelves, I think obscured glass is a great alternative as it gives an open feel to the kitchen without putting all one’s clutter on display.  The “system” of these etched glass doors is a great design element and probably can’t hurt as an organizing tool for a kitchen of this size. 

Notice the ceiling panels in alternating blocked colors.  The height of the ceiling and the cabinets give the room great scale. And also, one of my favorite color combinations of apple green with red accents.

Speaking of red, a very happy birthday to my beautiful neice, Caiti (who just happens to have fantastic red hair…)  I wish I had taken this photo but I didn’t.