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Awkward on Etsy

30 Jun

Found this cute little one-man shop on Etsy called Awkward which designs and sells clothing and accessories – mostly handknits.  I thought these little wool jellyfish were just adorable and a great accessory for a nursery or playroom.


Bonus post – knitted gloves wreath

24 Dec

Another contribution from Michelle. Love it.  Maybe this is what I can do with the mittens that young miss Tilly chewed a hole in when she was just a few weeks old…

Guerilla knitting

18 Dec

As a craft-lover, I’m a bit of a sucker for this whole guerilla knitting phenomenon.  It’s so sweet and I think it would be a blast to take on a project (if only I could knit better!).  I might have to talk my folks into some guerilla quilting to promote their online store — but I digress. 

So, I’ve been seeing a lot of knitted items crop up in the home — and when I say knitted items, I mean in some more non-traditional uses.  I’m trying to convince Petra that she should knit a lamp for me like the one here — she flies through the knitting so I’m sure she could have it done in no time…

Autumn underway

1 Sep

With Autumn now upon us, I automatically start thinking of the days getting colder.  I’m not much of a knitter but Christiana did teach me the basics before she moved back to the US and I’ve been trying to build on my skills from there.  With the help of friends I’ve managed a hat and a few scarves  (thanks, Petra!).

These coffee mug cozies are on my list of new knitting projects to try — while almost completely frivolous, I love the idea of snuggling into a mug wrapped in a bit of wool.

Happy September!