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It’s starting to come together

8 Aug

It’s hard to believe I’m actually planning to sleep in Tilly’s Cottage for the very first time in just a few days.  While we’re still a bit off from being ready for the big party, things are starting to come together.

The kitchen is installed but I have custom shelving that still needs to be completed, appliances are on their way and handles have to go on the cabinetry. Most of the carpentry work is complete which means built-in shelving and wardrobes are in (with exception of one room still to go…).  Painting is very nearly done with all the major work like ceilings and bookcases painted and hopefully, the walls will go quickly!  My stained glass transom window above the door in the guest bedroom also arrived and was installed recently and the floorboards in the guest room were painted white to hide a multitude of sins but keep the character of the house.

The biggest missing piece now is the downstairs flooring which isn’t in yet but hopefully will be soon!

Progress on the bathroom

16 Jul

I was never really that motivated about designing the bathroom (bathrooms don’t generally excite me much) but I’m really liking the way things are shaping up.  Okay, so it has a lot of the same elements as the bathroom does in Boston but I always liked that bathroom, so why not? It’s a teensy-eensy space (so small I think it would be impossible to ever actually get a proper photo of it).  But the ceiling is very high and the skylight makes it feel even higher so I decided to go with all light colored tiles and fixtures and I think I’ll paint the wall above the wainscoting a nice, rich French Grey. I think it will be a nice palette for clean fluffy towels. 

These are the in-progress photos — wainscoting installed (but not painted) floor tiles in and tiles for the shower surround are in.  I’m thrilled with my white subway tiles and dark grout.  I was already planning to use this for the backsplash in the kitchen but just decided to go with it in the bathroom as well and I’m happy with the result so far.

And a quick hello and happy birthday to Christine!  Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Subway tiles

30 Aug

Subway tiles have really come along.  I always think of subway tiles as your standard white rectangular tile and I love the look — particularly when matched with dark gray grout.  But as I’ve started paying a bit more attention to tiles these days, I’ve found that there are a lot of new and different subway tiles available.

These small black subway tiles surrounding the fireplace look really elegant and the blue glass subway tiles below are to die for.