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Boho Dining from Anthropologie

25 Sep

I’m so digging on the “Boho Dining” tableware from Anthropologie — oh, money fairy, please rain down on me beofre it’s time to buy dishes…these puppies are on the list.

Perfect for my mix-and-match style and great in the event that soemthing gets broken as you could easily throw in a different pieces without skipping a beat. 

And since these are essentially little works of art themselves, I think they would look fabulous on those open shelves in the kitchen which I’ve been planning.  And yes, they ship internationally to Ireland…phew!

IKEA Accents

23 Aug

I saw an article in The Gloss the other day about a home in Dublin. They used a limited palette for their home — primarily black and whites and a few grays.  There were nice accents of color throughout. 

They seemed to have a lot of high-end and designer pieces in their home which is why I take my hat off to them for using this black-and-white IKEA rug in the main sitting room.  I think it works perfectly and is a great accent to the simple palette they use but I’m sure it must have been a temptation to go for a high-end, bespoke rug.  Once again proving that using IKEA pieces in your home (with a bit of restraint) doesn’t have to look cheap.

Clean your plate

2 Aug

How great is this?  I have been known to hang a few plates on my walls in the past but it never would have occurred to me to do it in such a random but fluid way as they’ve done here.   Mixing and matching is such a love of mine and this is such a great example of how to do it with style and panache (now how many chances do you get to use that word!) I particularly love the tiny little plate on the right-hand side.  Adorable. 

This got me thinking how much I love painting pottery and that it would be really fun to create and paint plates of all sizes with kids for an arrangement like this — the randomness of style really lends itself to the inevitable mix of looks that kids will create.