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Move-in day?

14 Aug

We’re moved in today (or technically, yesterday). And when I say “we”, I mean me, Tilly and the Ryan family. Mick the Builder is starting Jessica’s house just up the road, today, so she and her husband and baby are coming to live with me at Tilly’s Cottage for a couple of months.

It’s been 351 days since I moved out of my apartment in anticipation of doing this renovation. And roughly 540 days since I put a note through the door of Tilly’s Cottage inquiring about purchase. Now I know why my word of the year was “patience”.

There’s a lot of work still left to do but as long as the appliances are hooked up, kitchen is in and appliances are running, I’m sure we can make it work. Note that it’s a SUNDAY and not a Saturday so no “short sitting” for me, I hope.


Saturday flitting, short sitting

11 Aug

My neighbors in the new hood have all warned me not to move in on a Saturday. There’s an old superstition in Ireland “Saturday flitting, short sitting” which means you won’t be there long if you move in on a Saturday.  I was looking it up online and it says that there are two origins:  somebody who disappears from a rented property typically does it over the weekend, while the landlord is busy, so they don’t have to pay the rent. An equivalent of a midnight flit. The second belief is that hospitals are keen to get people out on a Saturday to make space for the coming week, so if you were discharged on a Saturday, you were more likely to be re-admitted.

Now, ya see, I have a little problem in that I work Monday through Friday…so it’s going to be a little difficult avoiding Saturday altogether… Then I heard about another complication – apparently, it’s is an old West of Ireland tradition to move in on a Friday.  I read on an online board that when some people in the West find out that they can’t move in on a given Friday, they will wait a week  before they spend the night there — even if they have the keys.  Oh, keeping up with all this is tricky – and the good news is that moving day is around the corner.