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Folding screens

6 Oct

Given my love for patchwork, it’s no surprise that I was drawn to Dawn’s DIY screen featured on Design*Sponge.  Screens are such a clever way to hide a home office or add a bit of your own look and personality to a rented apartment or college dorm room. 

Who says that folding screens are just for indoors?  I think this screen to the left is a beautiful example of how a folding screen can create a stunning backdrop for any area of your home. 

This mondrian-looking screen helps to make the space in this loft look less cavernous and a bit more intimate.  A nice feature for open-plan living — particularly if you want something you can just use from time-to-time (for example, a place for sofa-sleeper guests to hide their belongings).

A passion for patchwork

31 Jul

I pretty much like all things  patchwork. While I wouldn’t want to go too over the top with it, I think this eclectic mix of quilted wallpaper looks great and seems to match the quirky nature of this house.  The homeowners used wallpaper samples  to create this look — a clever way to create a unique wallpaper look without the big expense (but perhaps requiring a bit more work).  It works well in this space with the high ceilings and the sort of, cottage-y look they’ve gone for.