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Umbrian pottery

1 May

We discovered this little pottery shop in the the town of Deruta (just outside Perugia) in Umbria on Easter Monday — not many places were open so we really lucked out — especially because, instead of ending up in one of the huge factories recommended by the tour books, we ended up at a boutique run by a family of artisans.  We even got to see the father (one of the artists) at work — it was so detailed — just amazing We purchased a platter as a “thank you” to the people whose villa we were using and I bought a large bowl.   

I love the Umbrian style of pottery and I really wanted to find out the history behind this dragon figure that appears in a lot of the designs but alas, I couldn’t find it.  The shop where we stopped is called Ceramiche Segoloni  — and I couldn’t recommend it more.  The family were lovely and the pieces were all very good value. Go visit!

Nicholas Mosse Pottery

22 Apr

I remember in 2005 when I first went to visit Jamie and her family in Cork for Thanksgiving that I thought her mix-n-match collection of Irish potter, Nicholas Mosse’s, pottery was so cute and cottage-y.  When I was back at their house recently, I was reminded again of how much I like it.  Thought I would share a few pics of Jamie’s NM and also a couple of pics of other patterns.

The style he uses is a traditional style of Irish Spongeware. Irish spongeware was the traditional pottery of Ireland used in the 18th Century. I also recently learned that Nicholas Mosse and his wife, Susan, are a part of the Kilfane Trust project which cares for the Kilfane Glen & Waterfall period gardens.  They sound spectacular so I’m going to have to take a trip out there sometime soon while it’s still Spring.  If you’re in Ireland, Kilfane is just outside Kilkenny town– about 40 minutes southwest of Dublin. www.kilfane.com. http://www.nicholasmosse.com

MacKenzie Childs Ceramics

12 Oct

I’ve been a fan of the whimsical ceramics of MacKenzie Childs for a lot of years now.  So much so that I even painted a pair of hinged wooden school chairs like the Piccadilly pattern. (The chairs now grace my mother’s front porch in Texas).

It’s because there’s such a child-like aspect to the MacKenzie Childs products that I’ve become such a fan of their children’s enamelware.  Wouldn’t this be perfect in a little girl’s tea set?  If they don’t already offer one, they should! Might be a fun stop to visit their headquarters if you’re ever in Aurora, NY. http://www.mackenzie-childs.com

Ode to a coffee mug

26 Sep

It wouldn’t be a Saturday morning without my trusty cup of coffee which is why I’m dedicating today’s post to my coffee mug.  I have three favorite mugs but I have different uses for each one.  This one is just for coffee…how silly is that?  I can’t even really say why but it’s been that way for a long time. When I packed up my bags to move from Boston to Dublin with just two suitcases and the shirt on my back, this coffee mug was among the carry-on luggage.  

Before starting this post, I far and wide to find the name of the little ceramics shop where I bought this mug and I finally found it:  it’s called Lasser Ceramics and it’s in a great little town, Londonderry, in Vermont.  The website leaves a lot to be desired but this pattern is called Planet Green (good to know in case I ever need a replacement). www.lasserceramics.com

So, as one of my most trusted “companions”, here’s to my Planet Green coffee mug for helping me rally more times that I can remember.