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Wool Suit Quilt

11 Jan

If you’re doing some clean-out of your closets and have some old wool suits you’re looking to get rid of, here’s a great re-use, recycle idea for you.  This little patchwork quilt would be an easy project — even for a beginner quilter like myself.  And I’m sure it would be toasty and warm on a cold winter’s day.


A passion for patchwork

31 Jul

I pretty much like all things  patchwork. While I wouldn’t want to go too over the top with it, I think this eclectic mix of quilted wallpaper looks great and seems to match the quirky nature of this house.  The homeowners used wallpaper samples  to create this look — a clever way to create a unique wallpaper look without the big expense (but perhaps requiring a bit more work).  It works well in this space with the high ceilings and the sort of, cottage-y look they’ve gone for.