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Happy birthday to the woman who inspires me most

6 Jun

My mother is an inspiring person – just ask anyone who knows her.  She is also one of the most creative people I know.  She was keen on graphic design when she was in high school but she won a scholarship from a local college in her hometown of Leavenworth, Kansas, to get her teaching degree so she became a teacher.  I don’t want to give you the impression that she wasn’t passionate about teaching because she has an immense amount of patience and is great at teaching others.

But her true calling (outside of motherhood, of course) came a bit late in life.  When my father got a new job in Portland, Oregon, my folks moved from their adopted home of Texas to the Pacific Northwest.  My mother had always been a proficient seamstress and crafter and so when she took her first quilting class (maybe in her 50s?) she took to it like a bug to a lightbulb. Today she runs an online quilt pattern and supply store with my dad — she’s chief creative officer, number one fabric purchaser and the heart and soul of Storyquilts

I have many future posts to tell you more about all the wonderful and creative things my mother did with and for her four daughters over the years — in fact, she’s already started brainstorming about a new project for Tilly’s Cottage (a quilted chair — more to come). Happy Birthday, Mom! 

Wool Suit Quilt

11 Jan

If you’re doing some clean-out of your closets and have some old wool suits you’re looking to get rid of, here’s a great re-use, recycle idea for you.  This little patchwork quilt would be an easy project — even for a beginner quilter like myself.  And I’m sure it would be toasty and warm on a cold winter’s day.

For the love of quilts

24 Sep

Sometime back around 1992, I mentioned to my mother (who has always been a proficient seamstress) that I would love for her to make a double-wedding-ring quilt for me. I had been visiting a friend’s house in Connecticut for Thanksgiving and his mother was making a beautiful double-wedding-ring quilt for his brother’s upcoming nuptials and I was inspired.  My mother laughed when I put in my request saying that knowing how to sew and knowing how to quilt are two different things.  Luckily for me, she moved out to Oregon about the same time and got involved in quilting.  Sadly, once she did, she explained that quilting on a curve is difficult and so it would take a bit more time for her to advance to the double-wedding-ring level.  But persistance paid off and she eventually made the beautiful quilt you see here.

I guess you could say my mom’s quilting skills advanced pretty quickly — about as quickly as her passion for the art of quilting did.  She and my father now have an online business selling quilt supply, patterns, block-of-the-month-club subscriptions and lots of other things for the quilting enthusiast (www.storyquilts.com).  It’s for this reason that I’ll probably be shot for not doing a post about them sooner as quilting is a big part of our family!  Here are just a few of the quilts from their website including their very popular “Garden Patch Cats”:


A passion for patchwork

31 Jul

I pretty much like all things  patchwork. While I wouldn’t want to go too over the top with it, I think this eclectic mix of quilted wallpaper looks great and seems to match the quirky nature of this house.  The homeowners used wallpaper samples  to create this look — a clever way to create a unique wallpaper look without the big expense (but perhaps requiring a bit more work).  It works well in this space with the high ceilings and the sort of, cottage-y look they’ve gone for.