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Blue ribbon

11 May

I think it’s great when I start trawling through the vault and I find things that look like one another. I found these two pics this morning — the common denominator being blue ribbon and white. It’s a sweet combination – fresh and simple.  I love the idea of using ribbon as shower curtain rings – what an easy solution and very up my street. 

Jessica Jones Design

27 Apr

I love the designs from textile designer, Jessica Jones — some really great fabric and ribbons.  You can see more on her blog, How About Orange where she also has some great DIY sewing projects as well.



Enhancing ready-made curtains

8 Nov

If you don’t have the cash to splash for custom window treatments, here are two pretty simple enhancements for ready-made curtains. Firstly, ribbon can do wonders to enhance your curtains.  In this instance, a diagonally sewn ribbon makes these “store-bought” curtains look a bit more custom made.

Color-blocking is another good trick — especially because it allows you to buy the shorter, less expensive curtains and add a bit of length in a new color block that can simultaneously give your room a lot of drama.

Finally, a bit of bias tape sewn to the tops of your curtain panels is also a fast, cheap and simple way to create a custom look for your window treatments.  Easy peasy.