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Red, White & New

5 Feb

Another one from the old files…Advanced apologies to the magazine where this was taken from as I can’t figure out which one it was — probably Country Living.  I’m not sure I totally love it but it has a lot of elements I like and I think they’ve creatively used the wallpaper by putting it on the ceiling (but it makes the space feel a bit cramped for my taste).  This would work really well, however, in trying to cozy up a big space with high ceilings.

I love the screen door, the toile roman shade and I love a red and white kitchen — very country and very retro.

Creative closet doors

7 Sep

After seeing Sunday’s post on re-purposed screen doors, Christiana sent in this photo of the screen doors she backed with fabric to use for the sliding doors in her closet – how smart is she?

Which got me thinking about closet doors in most homes in the US (closets aren’t quite as popular here in Ireland…) many of which are those awful hollow wood doors on sliders.  I thought I’d post a few more pieces of inspiration if you’re looking to do something a bit out of the norm with your closet (or wardrobe!). 

Vintage screen doors

4 Sep

I’ve seen a number of articles over the years about using screen doors internally for a pantry or other ways to create separation without completely closing off the room.  I had been saving the image to the right from an old magazine but I did a bit of a trawl on the interweb and found some other good examples…

Good examples of how either adding an accent color can really add to the room or, alternatively, painting the screen door to match cabinets, walls, etc. to create a more unified look.  If you see one of these at Brimfield, grab it for me?