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Creative uses of old doors

12 Jun

I have a serious dumpster diving reputation and I’ve found some great finds over the years. (As a by the by, I think the term in Ireland is “skip surfing” since they don’t call it a dumpster but I’ve done it here, too!)  I’ve also  had the help from friends along the way in my dumpster diving endeavors.  My friend, Wendy, whose birthday I missed noting on Friday (sorry Wendy!!!), used to live in the very posh Boston neighborhood of the Back Bay. When I was living in Boston, we were going to meet up for a walk and she told me that she’d seen a very cool little dresser in the back alleyway.  We checked it out and it was very cute but seriously unloved. It found its way to my house and I stripped it, re-painted and stained it, added new hardware and used it for years before I moved away from Boston the first time and sold it for $75.

I know Wendy would appreciate this dining room photo knowing me.  I’m sure if I happened to be walking by old doors like this (fat chance of that happening unless you live in France) that I would snatch them up.  Belated happy birthday, Wendy!

Rustic Chic by Bloomingville

2 Apr

I want a giant ampersand – that’s so me!  I love the rustic chic look of Bloomingville. Lots and lots of fun design pieces in their online shop — especially the accessories and kitchen items.





Seriously shabby chic

20 Jan

I like vintage and I like rustic.  Sometimes it can be a bit over-the-top for me and certainly, since living in Ireland where modern design is very popular, I’ve really come to appreciate the stream-lined look.  With that said, I was flipping through the magic idea file the other day and ran across this article called “The Spirit of Reinvention” which, although very shabby chic,  has some great design appeal to me – now, sadly, I didn’t keep any reference to which magazine I grabbed it out of so advanced apologies that I can’t attribute it but I’m guessing it’s from Cottage Living. So, saddle up for some shabby chic inspiration…