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Still thinking about stairs

22 Jan

I’m still stuck on what to do about my stairs (which makes no sense at all given that I’m literally MONTHS away from having to make this decision!).

So I thought I’d share some more creative stair ideas — maybe not all as practical for my needs but fun nonetheless.

Stairs & Stripes

21 Jan

I’ve been trying to get my budget together and in doing so, started shopping around a bit for carpeting for my stairs.  These stairs, by the way, are steep and tiny (Molly – sound familiar?). They are grandfathered in and, if it weren’t really expensive, I’d update them but, since it is expensive, they’ll stay as they are – narrow though they may be.

I’m thinking I need a runner for the stairs that won’t show a lot of dirt (afterall, Miss Tilly will be up and down them) and will mix and match easily with a broad and potentially ever-changing color palette given my fondness of decorating. I considered simply painting them but, I think from a noise standpoint, carpeting will work much better.  They’re carpeted already and, while I don’t want to keep the carpet that’s on them, I do think it’s helped maintain the sturdiness of the stairs over all these years.

So, all of this preamble is about where I’ve landed in my head in terms of what I want.  Stripes.  I think stripes would tick a lot of boxes and, although striped carpet may be a bit trendy, I think it’s the right look for the house.  Check out some of these striped carpets (one of the final shots is the detail of a carpet I’m thinking of getting — whaddya’ think?  And you probably already guessed but the last pic are my stairs as they look at the moment — let’s just consider this the “before” photo.).  I really like the chunkier stripes with variegated width best but the carpet gurus tell me that these don’t work well on stairs that turn the way my stairs do as it’s hard to line them up properly – bummer.  

Ga Ga for Gingham

16 Dec

There is something about gingham that is true innocence. Probably because I relate gingham to my childhood as it played a starring role in most of my clothing — and also seems like a fabric my grandmother used in her house or at least I have a vague memory of gingham cafe curtains in her kitchen.

It’s got that country-comfy feel to it. The oversized gingham fabric for the sofa slipcover is really sweet and I think it’s such a smart paint technique for the stairs — it makes me think this would be a fun approach for the back stairs in the house in Boston.

I made the blue gingham chair covers for the kitchen chairs in the place in Boston — I didn’t sew them as well as my mother would have but it worked just fine for me at the time.